Sponsoring Logan Square Neighborhood Association

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Firm News


Sponsoring Community Association  

Wood Law Office is determined to assist difficult situations, promoting community involvement while advancing leadership development, organizational engagement and long-term success. For this reason, we’re proud to announce its sponsorship of Logan Square Neighborhood Association. As a community leader, opportunity creator and in-depth engagement provider, Wood Law Office intends to highlight LSNA’s opportunities while contributing to its structure directly. Sponsorship isn’t simply direct support. It is an ongoing promise of association, assistance and dedication to industry goals, community health and the future of young minds.

Promoting the Logan Square Way of Work

Logan Square residents deserve to be heard, and the Logan Square Neighborhood Association deserves support across its forty-three community institutions. Wood Law Office happily supports these institutions, promoting the growth of churches, schools, agencies and block clubs. As a community leader itself, Wood Law Office intends to engage clients, community members and decision makers upon the Logan Square way of work, life and success. Today Logan Square Neighborhood Association, alone, assists over 2,000 individuals with program and organizational support.

Now, Wood Law Office’s direct support will assist LSNA’s leadership across city boundaries, connecting leaders with inner-city professionals while aiding state-wide coalitions. When a collective goal is targeted, professionals succeed.

Years of Representation Experience

Wood Law Office carries a powerful reputation—one of representing small businesses, municipalities and Fortune 500 companies. Because of this, its insights are incredibly valuable to LSNA’s future as a community-building entity. Granting industry professionals, clients and even commercial employers insight, statistics, assistance and professional guidance, Wood Law Office’s support is one of year-round experience.

A Wood Law Office sponsorship promotes its own values, expressing a deep love for representation. Responsible for assisting a diverse population of arbitration, mediations, negotiations and court proceedings, Wood Law Office deeply understands the fundamentals of community involvement. Well-known for its use of biweekly overtime, worker reformation and innovative approach to state law, Wood Law is a valuable community representative.

Assisting Community Growth

Wood Law Office intends to assist LSNA’s approach to community growth, benefiting its positive approach to constant improvements. We deeply understands LSNA’s intention to lower high school drop-out rates. It similarly understands the community’s need for youth leadership, community-building entities, community school partnerships and real estate support over multiple years, across multiple neighborhoods and for multiple families.

No community growth project is undergone alone, and we intend to assist decision makers, family members, students, teachers and business operators. Having years of experience in employment law, discrimination law and disability law, Wood Law Office constantly impacts the community around it. Partnered with LSNA’s goal-achieving team, our sponsorship will assist in developing new avenues of employment, brighter employee futures and a quality environment for young professionals.

Safety, Security and Longevity

Above all, Wood Law intends to benefit LSNA’s love of safety. Responsible for assisting families and children gain access to quality, and affordable, health services, LSNA’s values are well-aligned with Wood Law’s system of dynamic support and security. Every developing initiative deserves attention, funding and support, and Logan Square deserves full acknowledgement for its prevention of drugs, alcohol and violence.

Logan Square, itself, carries a bright future in retail space, commercial investment and green economic development. Wood Law’s support will benefit this effort, assisting with LSNA’s approach to growth, economic advancement and citizen management. Wood Law Office assists managers in understanding their personal liability, and its community support will certainly benefit the LSNA’s approach to law while protecting blooming careers.

Sponsorship and the Future

A Wood Law Office sponsorship isn’t only support—it’s a promise. Community members worried about unanticipated job changes, agreement negotiations or claims can trust in each representative’s ability to uphold the law. In many situations, Wood Law representatives have taken custom cases, promoting community welfare at the individual level.

LSNA’s dedication to social justice and leadership development needn’t be exclusive to community members, only. At Wood Law Office, we strive to support our community’s intelligent minds on our own level. As a sponsor, as a partner and as a friend, Wood Law Office will combine LSNA’s foundational support of progressive systems with its own dedication to law-upholding standards. Every community has a future, and Wood Law Office believes LSNA is creating its own, day by day.

Year-to-year support, continuous growth, and success are Wood Law Office’s golden standards, and we’re proud to be considered Neighbor Sponsors of LSNA. At every level, careers, future education, security and comprehensive legal support is important to a community, and we intend to benefit LSNA at the ground level—and for many years to come.