Help For Employees, Managers And Employers

Whether considering an employment or severance agreement or battling discrimination or retaliation, you have rights. And you have options. The Wood Law Office, LLC, helps employees protect their civil rights and understand their options.

For Employees

Fighting for your rights and salvaging your job or professional reputation may seem incompatible. But there may be a way to work toward meeting all your goals.

Experience representing employees in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, and administrative and court proceedings – including class actions – allows for dependable, dedicated and determined representation of employees.

For Employers

The employment relationship is the most highly regulated aspect of virtually any employer’s business. Federal, state, and local laws and regulations require seemingly endless, and oftentimes, obligations that conflict with business goals.

The Wood Law Office, LLC, helps protect employees’ civil rights by providing compliance advice to companies from the point of view of the attorney who will challenge the policies adopted and actions taken.

Cost-effective representation requires understanding the business needs and how those needs create risks under applicable laws – and providing timely, concise analysis of those risks so companies can best manage compliance practically.

Experience representing employees in individual lawsuits, arbitrations, negotiations, and class and collective actions allows for unique insight into legal issues employers face – on a far more affordable scale than other firms offer.

For Managers

While we help both employees and employers, we also represent managers who are involved in these matters. In employment law cases, it is very common for managers to find themselves caught in the middle of things. Even if a manager was just following directions from higher up, they still need an attorney to represent them or risk negative consequences.

Reliable, Ethical And Knowledgeable Representation

We spend so many hours at work that it’s important to work somewhere we feel safe. Whether your company has been threatened by a lawsuit or you’re an employee fighting discrimination, call our office at 312-554-8600. You can also reach out to us via email to schedule your first meeting.