Hold Sexual Harassers Accountable

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms, but it should never be permitted. When an employee or employer conducts unwanted behavior with a colleague or employee, the victim of this harassment has the right to take a stand to keep this behavior from ever happening again in their workplace.

At The Wood Law Office, LLC, attorney J. Bryan Wood knows how to recognize sexual harassment in all its shapes and forms, and he knows what it takes to obtain the best possible outcome in these situations. He helps people understand what it can look like to pursue justice in a sexual harassment claim.

Forms Of Sexual Harassment

Harassment is any unwelcome, embarrassing, humiliating or offensive behavior. Sexual harassment involves implicit or explicit sexual overtones. It can take many forms and doesn’t have to be physical or verbal in nature; it does not even need to be directed toward the victim. Examples of sexual harassment in the workplace include:
  • Unwanted touching
  • Regular comments about someone’s appearance
  • Solicitation of sexual behavior
  • Quid pro quo, or offering workplace incentives in exchange for sexual acts
  • Propositioning sexual acts
  • Talking about an employee in a sexual manner to another person
  • Sending inappropriate emails

Sexual harassment does not just occur between members of the opposite sex. It can happen between members of the same sex as well. No matter who was involved with the harassment, it should not have happened, and we want to make sure to put an end to it.

Helping Clients Seek Justice

A sexual harassment claim is not a cash grab or a way to make a quick buck. We see these claims as a way of telling everyone in the workplace that this kind of behavior is never acceptable, and there will be consequences for such conduct.

We want to help you spread this message in your workplace. So, if you believe you were the victim of workplace sexual harassment, contact us today. Call our Chicago office at 312-554-8600 or email us here. Schedule your initial consultation today to discuss what we can do to help you.