SIU Gender Pay Lawsuit

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Gender Pay Lawsuit against  SIU School of Medicine & SIU Healthcare

SIU School of Medicine and SIU Healthcare (aka SIU Physicians & Surgeons, Inc.) are being sued for pay discrimination by Plaintiff Dr. Sajida Ahad.

Equal Pay Act Claim

If you are a female physician employed by SIU or SIU Healthcare within three years of September 27, 2017, you should receive a Court-authorized notice.

If you did not or you have questions about the notice you received, please call Bryan Wood at 312-554-8600 or email him at [email protected].

Other Pay Discrimination Claims

Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint alleges multiple claims of gender discrimination. The Court’s decision authorizing notice only addresses one of those claims – her claim under the Equal Pay Act.

Defendants SIU School of Medicine and SIU Healthcare deny any wrongdoing.

But Dr. Sajida Ahad’s expert – D.C. Sharp, Ph.D. – analyzed SIU’s compensation data from 2010-2016 and found female physician professors received at least $12,000/year less annually than comparable males. The parties’ expert reports are available here:

Dr. Sharp’s Report – 48-3 Exhibit C

Dr. Song’s Report – 48-4 Exhibit D

Dr. Sharp’s Reply – 48-6 Exhibit F

Opinion and Order

Amended Complaint – 31 – P

For additional information, contact Bryan Wood at 312-554-8600 or Michael Brown at 920-757-2488.