Wood Law Sponsors Equal Pay Day Chicago

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Proud Sponsor

Wood Law Office stands by its commitment to close the pay gap between American working men and women, and we believe the pending legislation in Washington that otherwise would have created progress with this serious issue now has a much bleaker future under the Trump administration. Trump’s political trends are just one of the numerous grounds for Wood Law Office’s ever-increasing passion about fair/equal pay, and with Equal Pay Day being the worldwide awareness day for racial and gender pay disparities, we see the 2017 Chicago event as a focal point for the entire field of employment law.

We could not be more proud to sponsor this event that takes place from 12-1:15 p.m. Tuesday, April 4 in Daley Plaza, by the intersection of Clark and Washington. This April date symbolizes the time in which the average woman would have to work to earn as much as the average white man did in the previous year, and with just over a quarter of 2017 gone it’s clear that this year’s Pay Day is monumental. Equal Pay was one of the pillar issues of the historic Women’s March that took place in January, and Equal Pay Day Chicago stands as another moment for women activists from all political parties and professional fields to come together and have their voices be heard by the masses.


There will be multiple forms of entertainment at the event including keynote speeches by renowned author Liz Radford, media mogul Ann Scholhamer and Illinois Assistant Attorney General Jessica Scheller. The other speakers for the event will be Dorri McWhorter, Maria Pesquiera, Janice Glenn and Sharmili Majmudar.

Our co-sponsors include the American Association of University Women (AAUW), the Illinois Federation of Business Women (IFBW) and the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago (PWCC). Roughly 65 other organizations have come together in support for Equal Pay Day Chicago from all around Chicagoland making this event a crucial gathering of the employment law industry and all of those passionate about ending injustices in the workforce.

Equal Pay

Equal pay for all working American women is a political issue that affects so much more than just an individual’s yearly earnings and single-family incomes, including our entire national economy. As of today in 2017 women are typically earning about 79 cents for every dollar a man makes doing a similar or the exact same job. This gap in payment gets even worse when you focus more closely on Hispanic and black female workers, which has made the concern about this issue into one of the most important of our time period.

Equal pay for women isn’t just about women. It also includes their families, the entire Chicago/American community and overall well being of our entire society now and into the future. Wood Law is passionate to sponsor an event that helps stand up to the potential injustices towards working Americans coming out of Washington D.C. throughout the Trump administration and beyond.

Come out to Daley Plaza before or at noon on Tuesday, April 4 to help show support for Equal Pay, and to have a great time celebrating the strength of the Chicago, Illinois social justice activist community!