What is Marital Status Discrimination?
11 June 2019

What is Marital Status Discrimination?

11 June 2019,

Marital status is defined as the status of being married, single, divorced, separated, or widowed. In Illinois, employment discrimination on the basis of your […]

8 January 2018

Illinois Sexual Harassment Laws

8 January 2018,

Sexual Harassment Attorney Workplace sexual harassment grabs headlines when high-profile individuals such as television host Bill O‚ÄôReilly and movie producer Harvey Weinstein are involved. […]

20 October 2017

SIU Gender Pay Lawsuit

20 October 2017,

Gender Pay Lawsuit against SIU School of Medicine & SIU Healthcare   SIU School of Medicine and SIU Healthcare (aka SIU Physicians & Surgeons, […]

24 August 2017

The Persistent Pay Gap: One Doctor Takes A Stand

24 August 2017,

Board rooms, courtrooms and operating rooms are no different than employee break rooms: women in all those rooms frequently earn less than men. The […]

28 July 2017

How to File a Discrimination Claim in Illinois

28 July 2017,

Illinois residents who believe they are a victim of workplace discrimination have many options for filing a claim in accordance with Illinois discrimination laws. […]